Beautiful Japanese girls Top 3

Japanese girls are very popular around the world. It is connected with development of Japanese mass culture which extends out of borders of Japan in the form of an anime, to Torahs (Japanese series), Japanese music (known as j-pop and j-rock), and also in the form of photo shoots of Japanese models.

The model in Japan is most often the model, but not podium model, as in the West. Popular girls models in Japan are called gravure idol and their photo shoots, including quite frank, periodically are published in men’s magazines, in photo albums, on cd covers and online. Gravure idol – only one of forms of a cult of “idols” in Japan. An idol – this young beautiful girl who can be at the same time a singer, the actress and model. In process of popularity growth famous Japanese can pass from one category into another: for example, the model can start singing and acting in movies, and the popular actress at peak of glory writes down one-two musical albums and starts acting for photos and magazines.

About the most beautiful Japanese idols and models the speech in our rating will go. Also the rating included some winners of Japanese beauty contests.

Tao Okamoto (DOB May 22, 1985) – the Japanese actress and model. Was advertising face of the company of Ralph Lauren. As the actress, the Glutton is most known in the movie “: Immortal” (2013) where played the leading female role. In 2016 there will be a movie “The batman against the Superman: At the beginning of justice” where Tao Okamoto will also take part. Height of the girl is 177 cm, parameters of a figure 84-59,5-86,5.


Ariana Miyamoto – Ms. Japan 2015, the representative of Japan at the competition “Miss Universe 2015” where entered in top-10. Ariana was born in Nagasaki (Japan) on May 12, 1994. The Afro-American serving during that time on the basis of Naval Forces of the USA in Japan, and mother – the Japanese was her father. After a victory at the competition “Ms. Japan” the girl underwent criticism for non-Japanese appearance. It is connected by that Miyamoto became the first bastard who won at a national beauty contest though in the countries of Europe, USA and Canada it became norm long ago.


Kyoko Fukada (DOB November 2, 1982) – the Japanese actress, the model and the singer. Height is 163 cm, parameters of a figure 86-62-88.


These are our top Japanese girls!