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Perhaps the best thing about the whole live cam platform is the variety of models on display. Whatever your preferences are, you will undoubtedly be able to find a girl that will get you excited and ready for your spanking session. I personally prefer cute Asian chicks, but there aren’t all that many great porn movies in order to keep things fresh. So, most of the time, I spend my masturbatory time watching private shows on live cam sites. One of my favorite Asian models is Milk Alice.

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I’ve been frequenting in her private live shows for a while now and she is quickly becoming the best cam girl I’ve ever met. The reasons for that can be observed easily if you just visit her profile and check out the gallery. But there is much more to her than just her looks. Yeah, the pretty face helps and the perfect figure is quite incentivizing, but her personality and an open attitude are what makes her so special. She is just 20-years-old, although she even looks a bit younger. But where she might lack some experience, she more than makes up in the effort to please her visitors. Comparing to other cam models, I would say she goes the extra mile to make you happy. With a petite build and generally limber body, you get a whole Asian schoolgirl fantasy up and running with ease. And she is more than willing to indulge your requests, even when it comes to toys and role playing.

It’s easy to fall in love with this cam girl because she is so feminine and her sweet face is always on minds of all guys she interacts with. See yourself:

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Alice is a smart girl, and she knows how to get a man excited. More often than not, I don’t even have to tell her what to do, she simply improvises and gets me to the boiling point on her own. With a large collection of sexy lingerie and high heels, she can play almost any part required of her and she does it with so much class and style that you will definitely get huge amounts of satisfaction. The most rewarding thing about Alice is that if you frequent enough in her private sessions, she will get to know your rhythm and your preferences and indulge your desires. Just watch her play in your perversion pool and you will quickly forget about all the other types of porn. A 5-star rating goes to prove that it’s not just me who thinks this girl has something special. She is very popular and her visitors have nothing but the praises for her performance. But, you shouldn’t take me up on my word, instead, join her private show at FullOfGirls and see for yourself how fun this beautiful and smart girl is.